For good care of the hair, Floïd shampoo from Spain

For good hair care there is of course Floïd shampoo available. Simple to use and extremely caring, which is characteristic of this classic Spanish products.

Floïd shampoo is naturally available from stock for a reasonable price and comes in handy bottles with a perfect measuring cap. Of course with the famous Spanish soft fragrance.

By partnering with the best Spanish companies, we are able to offer unprecedented low prices and you will notice that  immediately!


Floïd Shampoo 3 en 1 250ml

This special Floïd Shampoo 3 en 1 is unique when it comes to hair care and has a multiple effect. A very special and triple action product, suitable for cleaning and care of both skin and hair. Floïd Shampoo 3 en 1 can be used as a shower gel, shampoo and hair conditioner. Of course with the characteristic and particularly masculine fragrance. The most practical product ever for the daily care of the man.

Floïd Shampoo Cabellos Blancos 250ml

Floïd Shampoo Cabellos Blancos is specially developed for the care of both gray and white hair. Suitable for frequent use and can be used daily without damaging the hair or disturbing the natural balance. The special composition prevents discoloration of the hair. Floïd Shampoo Cabellos Blancos is a very well known and especially popular Spanish product for the real man.

Floïd Tonico Anticaida 125ml

Floïd Tonico Anticaida is made with a very special formula. Gives strength and elasticity to the hair. Supports taking care of the scalp and prevents hair loss. Easy to use thanks to its light texture, which is not greasy. Contributes to a good treatment for weak hair, helps to prevent hair loss, strengthens the hair and increases capillary density.

Floid Hair Tonic Blue 400ml

A classic and special hair lotion. To be used for both white and gray hair. The special formula supports the retention of the hair color and prevents the discolouration of white or gray hair. For maximum effect, we also recommend using Floïd Shampoo Cabellos Blancos. Floïd Hair Tonic Blue comes in a handy bottle of 400ml and naturally has the famous Spanish scent!