Without a doubt, Floïd aftershave does not go unnoticed

Of course you will find the well known and very popular Floïd aftershave in our range. Multiple variants are available, such as the special "Caja Negra" and of course the famous "Mentolado Suave" . The well-known version "Vigoroso"  is also available from stock.

Not only lovely and refreshing to use, but Floïd aftershave is also a very original gift. The beautiful bottle and classic packaging are very impressive and will surprise everybody.

These typical Spanish products are available at friendly price and we also offer very fast delivery times. So you can almost instantly enjoy these fantastic Spanish products.

If you have questions about Floïd aftershave, please feel free to contact us.


Floïd Aftershave Caja Negra 150ml

A unique Floïd aftershave with alcohol. Creates a soothing effect on any irritation caused by shaving. To be used for hydration of  irritated skin, to close pores and to support the restoration of cuts produced during shaving. Provides a feeling of freshness and comfort. Cleanses the skin and keeps the skin soft. Of course with the famous new, modern and masculine fragrance

Floïd Aftershave Masaje Genuino Mentolado Suave 150ml

For a very refreshing massage of the skin after shaving. Of course with a soothing and moisturizing effect. Floïd Aftershave Masaje Genuino Mentolado Suave is specially developed for the man's skin and soothes any irritation of the skin caused by shaving. For a very refreshing feeling. With the true Spanish and soft scent of menthol.

Floïd Aftershave Masaje Genuino Mentolado Vigoroso 150ml

This special Floïd Aftershave Masaje Genuino Mentolado Vigoroso soothes irritation after shaving and gives a lovely fresh feeling. A strong yet gentle aftershave, especially developed by Floïd. The classic formula contributes to good skin care. Soothes and moisturizes the skin after shaving and specially developed for the skin of the man.

Floïd Masaje Genuino Mentolado Vigoroso 400ml Special Edition

A classic product as used in 1932 in the hairdressing business. Floïd Masaje Genuino Mentolado Vigoroso is a special edition and comes in a 400ml bottle. The exclusive formula with menthol soothes irritation caused by shaving and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness. This special version is of course available from stock for a friendly price.